DONE with the USMLE!

Just came home a few hours ago from the prometric center after finishing the USMLE! I am EXHAUSTED! During the actual test I was surprised at how awake I felt, but once I came home, I hit the bed for a quick nap. I brought a power drink and coffee but hardly drank those during the test because my anxiety and adrenaline was running. I’ll give a brief rundown of what went down.

I got to the center 45 min early (I know, I’m a freak about arriving to things early) but it worked out well because I was able to start early. They gave me a key for my locker, I checked in, and sat down to start the exam. They gave me both headphones for audio and noise canceling headphones (they did not fit my small head very well but helped cancel out most noises). 

I got through the first and second block without taking a break. I felt like I had enough time to finish all the blocks but I definitely did not have enough time to go over all the questions I marked. I was marking a lot more questions than I usually do in a uworld block, which made me really nervous…but I think I was just being really cautious. I had a little less than 10 min to review my marked questions which is pretty reasonable but I wish I could’ve gone over more obviously. I took a 5 min break after block 2 to pee and grab a sip of water. Block 3 and 4 were a blurr really. Took a 5 min break after block 3 and a 25 minute break after block 4 for lunch. During all the breaks I felt like I couldn’t really relax and I usually went back into the room before 5 min was up because I was so anxious about getting to the exam. I took a 15 min break after block 5 and a 10 minute break after block 6. It felt really really fast once I was done with the exam and I did not feel great after it. I honestly do not know how I did or if I even passed. I had to make educated guesses on a majority of the questions. However, there were some very straight forward questions that I was expecting on there also. My test had a lot of molecular biology which I though I had covered in my studies but apparently not. I was fearing ethics after doing NBME 15 but most of them were doable. Almost no biochem. But otherwise, I can’t say that it was really heavy in any particular subject. I had the most trouble with the molecular biology questions and endocrine questions so maybe I felt like there were a lot of them but actually, I probably just spent more time thinking about those. Overall, I felt like the test was harder than uworld but easier than NBME 15 (which I thought had so many obscure questions that I’ve never seen the format or concepts for at all). I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for this one >.<

If I had to do it all again, I would want to do all of kaplan. I saw a good number of questions that were definitely mentioned in the few videos I watched from kaplan. At first they may seem like very lengthy, dense videos, but I found them to be very helpful on the exam. I would have also looked at molecular bio questions more. 

Welp, I’m taking this night off and on to the next one next week!