Well, it’s finally all over. Today I took my comlex test and all I can say is…dang. I literally have no idea how that went, but I do not feel great right now. First of all, it was SO LONG. I got to my testing center super early again, around 715 (it was supposed to start at 8am). It was at the same place as my usmle, so I was very used to the routine. I got into my cubicle (my lucky # again!) around 730 and got through the first 2 blocks without much problem time-wise. I think my second block had a lot of experimental questions because there were multiple audio and visual media one after the other. At least I hope some were experimental, because that block was HARD. I decided to take the optional break (i took only 5 min) because I had to pee and refuel. The next 2 blocks were more frustrating for me. I found that there were so many  short question stems and they expected you to pick the best answer out of many good answers. Also, a ton of micro and OMM. Like, I totally should have studied OMM more, but these questions were so out of my range. I don’t think I would have ever come across them even if I had another month to study. I also think I made a lot of dumb mistakes, which I really need to work on. I just HATE looking over my questions after I do them. I don’t know why but it’s such a drag for me to do it and I get a lot of questions wrong on tests that way. I took the 40 min lunch break but was anxious to get the test done so I went back in early. The last 4 blocks were a blur. Some questions were super straightforward, and some were absolute guesses. The most frustrating part was that I didn’t see any questions on the things that I was expecting, very little ethics, very little pathophysiology, LOTS of OMM. That’s all I remember.

Now I’m literally vegging and planning my week and a half off for summer.

I’m glad it’s over.