1 day until the COMLEX!

I only have 1 day and 10 hours until the END is here! At this point I literally can’t stand qbanks anymore. I am so tired of opening books at 7am and doing blocks of combank/comquest and I cannot wait for all this to be over. I had a taste of freedom last night when I reluctantly met up with some friends for ice cream at 9pm. They called me from the place and convinced me that I “deserved” a break. I was basically done with all my studying for the day anyways so I decided to go. I ended up staying out until 1230am but it felt really great to just hang out like in the good old days before “boards” was an unspeakable word.

Today flew by, and even though I did about 150 questions and went through everything that  I wanted to review, I don’t feel like I studied hard at all. I’m so not into it anymore and really just want to get the COMLEX over with. I’m trying not to get into this mentality because I obviously don’t want to be so lax about it the day of. It’s just really hard to push through in these final hours. Tomorrow I plan to do the same light studying as I did for the USMLE but focusing more on repro and micro which I heard were really heavy on the COMLEX. I don’t have specific plans for my week off after the boards but I’m really looking forward to it.


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