Can I be happy too?


Can I be happy too?



Super super quick post about what’s been going on in my life. I am finally done with classes for 2nd year! We had our last GU/Repro exam (which I passed with less than stupendous scores- 77 & 78 -.-). But I passed nonetheless 🙂 Now only one more OSCE before I am officially done with this year! After the OMM exam I celebrated with some friends at dinner and then some drinks and it almost felt like I was free until I realized I have a whole other huge exam to study for. Today was my first day of “hardcore” studying for the boards. I finished my first pass of uworld a few days before my last exam so now I’m doing 2 timed blocks of uworld/day + 50 combank questions (halfway done with first pass now) + 30pgs of FA. This all takes me from 9am-8ish with food/sanity breaks in between. So it really begins…