One down!

Just finished my first test (out of 3) so there are only 2 more tests until i’m done with 2nd year! That’s just so crazy… this year is definitely going by faster than 1st year, though I think when May/June comes, everyday will feel super long. Today’s test was on GU/Repro. The Repro part went pretty fast but the renal physio questions…oh hell no! I just really hate math which I guess will always be something I have to deal with, but these questions were just…I don’t think we were prepared for them.

I actually really like repro though! During 1st year when people asked me what kind of doctor I wanted to be, I always said, “I don’t know but I know what I don’t want to be- a pediatrician or an ob/gyn”. I am staying away from peds because even though I LOVE children, when I shadowed a pediatrician I was just so uninterested in the job. And I was always put off by the idea of the obstetrician part of ob/gyn ever since my friend told me she got sprayed by vagina fluids when she was a doula. But I’ve always been interested in gynecology and learning about it now kind of just makes sense. Maybe it’s because I’ve been through a lot of female health problems and I can understand how scary it can be. I’d love to one day be an advocate for women’s health, no matter what specialty I go into.


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