Pre-test Week

Tonight, the night before St. Patrick’s day, a night still young for those planning to go out for late night debauchery, I’m wrappin it up and getting ready for bed. This coming monday we have our first exam for our GU/Repro course and going to bed around 12 on a Saturday night is pretty much the regular a weekend before a test. For this system, we have 3 exams spaced 4 weeks apart. My usual studying schedule is to stream or attend lectures for 3 weeks and make outlines of every lecture after class. I try to study the lectures on the weekends but with boards looming overhead, I put most of my energy into that. Then, on Wednesday or Thursday before the exam, I start going beast mode on lectures and stop boards studying completely. Basically I wake up (or try to) around 8 am everyday and study for the entire day until 12ish when I go to bed. Sleep, Eat, Repeat. That’s why I prefer to have tests Monday mornings vs. the afternoon because by the time Monday comes I just want to lay down and die.

I have to say though, an entire day of studying goes by super fast. Before I entered med school, I thought there was no way it was humanly possible to study for 10-12 hours. Of course I take mental breaks and an hour here or there for food. But all together I’m probably averaging around 12 hours of studying a day. Although productivity wise, it’d say it’s more like a solid 8 hours. When I was in college, I could barely stand sitting in my sociology classes for more than 30 min…seriously. Now we have lectures that could last 2 hours (4 hours once -.-) and it’s amazing that I can go and at least pretend to be awake.

Lately I’ve been waking up in my pjs, eating lunch in my pjs…eating dinner in my pjs, taking a shower, and then going back to wearing my pjs. I can do this for 5 days pre-test week. And sometimes I don’t even leave the house for those 5 days. My life is so sad when I write it down in words. On good days aka the days I have lots of coffee and wake up on the right side of the bed, I change into real clothes and fix my hair, even if I have no plans to go out. This is to remind myself and family that I can actually be a human being. Those days don’t happen too often nowadays though. *sigh* Life stinks right now, and I can’t wait for boards to be over with.


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